June 18, 2016

Bengali Summer Course in New York

I am going to offer a 6 weeks summer Bengali Course in Nyc. In this course you will learn to read and write Bengali .You will be taught the Bengali script and will have clear instruction how to write Bengali letters. You will learn "How to draw the Bangla/Bengali letters".. the name of the Bengali alphabets.

The hand writing is always different than the printed letters.So you need someone who can show you how to draw the Bengali alphabets.And its very important. But most of my students ,specially adult students they just want to learn how to speak Bengali and sometimes they are also interested to learn to read Bengali.

Bengali Summer Course in New York with Talkingbees
According to me when you are learning a new language you should learn atleast to read even you don't wanna write.

Anyways in this Summer Bengali/Bangla Course in NYC, you will learn
  • How to read Bengali Script
  • How to write Bengali Script
  • How to greet in Bengali
  • How to speak basic Bengali sentences
  • 100 useful Bengali words
Total hours (6 weeks) :  12 hours

Bengali Summer Course Fee :

Normal rates are 30USD/Child /hour and 40USD/Adult/Hour . But Bengali Summer Course discounted fee :-- 300 USD / Children  &   400 USD /Adult for the total course.

For more info -  http://talkingbees.com