March 17, 2016

Learn a language with or with out script (Bengali / Hindi)

Today I thought about sharing my view on the importance of script in learning a new language. Actually it is a debatable topic. Few will say " I want to start learning a new language with it's scripts." but many will say "No, I don't want to learn the script ,I just want to learn to speak."So Today I am going to explain you which one you should go for. 

First when you are going to start a thing you have to think yourself how much do you want to learn? How deep do you want to go? How much time do you want to spend on it? And in short how serious are you about this? ---- If you can answer the above questions then you will have no doubt about the question I have raised at the starting of this post.

I got so many students who never wanted to learn the script but just wanted to speak the language.It depends person to person.There are a kind of people they don't want to spend much time or energy on something or do things which has no reason or utility where there are some who goes for things they love or they have passion for. Its not bad when you want to utilize your energy properly. I am just sharing my experience.

See how Hindi and Bengali Script look like (by
Actually if you just want to learn a language because you are going to visit that country or just to impress your spouse or in laws its fine to learn with out the script. But if your goal is to know about the culture or if you want to enjoy the literature or understand the society , people then you have to go through the script.

Advantage of knowing the script when you are learning a new language:
  1. You will have a better pronunciation if you start with the script.
  2. You will be able to see How beautiful the Devanagari script. is.
  3. You can read a book in the language (Bengali or Hindi or what you are trying to learn.
  4. You don't have to depend:- You can follow very good books in the language and help yourself.You don't have to depend on someone to read it for you.
  5. You can write in sign language : when you are in a place where you don't want other to understand what you want to say, you can use the sign language actually the new language you are learning. What do you think of it?  I have been teaching a kid for last 5 years who does it often in her school :) !!
  6. You can read the signs,boards,advertisement written everywhere when you are in a new country.
So there are so many benefits of learning the script.So I always suggest my Online Bengali / Hindi students to learn the script .So that they can help themselves. 

What is your opinion? I will be waiting to know that....