March 29, 2014

Now Online Skype Lessons teache Music Online

After marriage I went to Assam as my Husband had some work there. He is a great musician, a great vocalist in Indian Classical music. And that is why I have chosen him as my life partner :).We share same interests in music.Though I don't perform classical music on stage but I have been learning that from my childhood .I teach Bengali ,Hindi songs and give voice training to the students.I also teach Indian Classical music online via skype. It helps you to open up your voice and sing in the perfect pitch.
Learn Hindi, Bengali songs, Harmonium, Hindistani Classical music Online via Skype

Hindustani Classical Music, Bengali, Hindi songs, Harmonium learning is available Online now. If you are interested to learn any of these please contact and register for your Online Music Lesson Now!! for more details. Feel free to contact for more discussion.

March 11, 2014

March 4, 2014

I am back to teach Bengali and Hindi again

Keep Learning Bangla and Hindi Online. And I will be teaching you Bangla and Hindi. I was a little busy in last few months as I got married on 26th Jan 2014. But Now I am back to teach again.So if you are thinking to start learning Bengali or Hindi then don't waste your time and contact me at