November 29, 2013

Why I started learning Bengali Online?

I asked a student after he finishes his Bengali reading and writing course for 6 months that why did you started learning Bangla/Bengali at this moment. This is what he answered through an email.

Why I started learning Bengali?

"It was basically for two reasons:
1) Bengali being my mother tongue.
2) I also wanted to teach my off springs about this beautiful language.

How to write Bengali Albhabets?
As I was born and bought up in a South Indian city, though Bengali being my Mother Tongue, I never felt necessary to read and write Bengali. I learnt to speak Bengali from my parents who are Bengali. But I was always eager to read and write it. As I started working at an early age and I never got the time to really get into it. Its really shameful not to know my Mother tongue.
Now I had some spare time and thought utilizing in a appropriate manner. Hence my journey started with Talking Bees. I am really pleased with what I did learn in this short time. Thanks to Madam Susmita and her Talking Bees site who helped me in doing so...
Thank you  once again for the efforts put in by you... "
Thank you so much  . I am glad that I could help you. If anyone else is interested to learn Bengali then please contact me at