October 28, 2013

"Learning Bengali is a my hobby- So I want to Learn Bengali Online"

When I asked my new student that why do you want to learn Bengali, she answered that "Learning Bengali is my hobby". "Hobby" ??? . People have different kind of hobbies-singing,dancing,travelling etc. Why "Bengali"?.
My new student from Chicago has started her class last week.And the reason for her learning was a little bit different than what I am used to listen from my old Bangla students.As I am used to get the answers like - "my husband/wife is Bengali" , "I want to communicate to my spouse's family , "I am going to work in Bengali" etc like this. But "Learning Bengali is my hobby " - is some kind of different answer to me.

She started learning Bengali on her own since she got a Bengali teacher in her school.She really liked her teacher and wanted to great in her own Bengali language.And so that time she learned a few Bengali phrases to greet her.And then gradually she has build a great bond with her teacher and became interested in Bengali after listening to different Bengali stories and our culture.And since then it's her hobby-whenever she get chance she learn Bangla. And now she got a job and want to learn Bengali more .So she searched for "Online Bengali Tutor" in the search engine and find me. 

So this is her story.She asked to kept her name secret.So I didn't mention her name.I really became happy to hear these from her. I hope I will be able to help more people interested to "Learn Bengali Online".