September 25, 2013

How to learn Bengali/Bangla Online?

5 Easy Steps to learn Bangla/Bengali online:
Steps to "Learn Bengali Online"
  1. Learn Bengali through listening : Every day try to listen to a Bangla news or movie or even a Bengali cartoon online.
  2. Learn Bengali through talking to a friend: If you have a friend/friends, it's very good for you to learn Bengali.Everyday ask your friend to teach you a very useful phrase in Bangla. 
  3. Learn Bangla Online through Tutorial videos: Search for online free Bengali tutorial videos and learn it whenever you have some time .
  4. Learn Bengali through Speaking Bengali:  Never hesitate to use or speak the words or phrases that you have learned. This is the best way to memorize what you have learned and to correct it.It would be better if you try to speak Bengali in front of your Bengali friends then they are gonna help you for sure.
  5. Learn Bengali through Reading story books: When you are done with Bengali Vowels and Consonants