December 17, 2012

Bangla class at Talkingbees

Many foreigners come to Kolkata each year and they want to know the rich culture of our country and want to know the people more by learning their native Bengali language. At Talkingbees we have taught many foreign students from USA, Europe, Switzerland, Australia etc. And today we had one student from Japan. He has come to Kolkata to visit Pandit Ravishankarji's birth place. He was also interested to attend a Bangla class at Talkingbees. So he booked a face to face Bangla class with a Native Bengali teacher at Talkingbees.

Today he took a four hours long lesson and he will be using what he has learned from this Bangla class during the rest of his Kolkata trip.And just after 2 hours of his Bengali face to face lesson, he has emailed me the following-
" Dear Teacher,
As an immediate effect of the Bengali lesson, I could understand that in the Metro the first language in the announcement was Bangla followed by Hindi and English. 

Many thanks for your well prepared Bengali lesson, it was not long while quite effective covering a tourist's needs. 
Best Regards,
Hide "
So grab the opportunity you have if you are travelling to Kolkata, meet the Talkingbees Bengali Teacher and take a Bangla course to experience the Bengali people and their culture more and more.For more information  contact

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