November 19, 2012

My Bengali Student in New York,USA

I wrote about this student before.He has started learning Bengali when he was in the 6th standard.Now he is in 9th grade.When he has started learning Bengali he knew only a few words and now I an happy and proud to say that he can speak,read and write Bengali (Bangla) on his own. Isn't great!! And he also enjoys learning Bangla.

Bengali/Bangla Class in America
He is a very old student of mine.And during my New York visit I went to meet them in 2010.They were so nice to me and I enjoyed the couple of days I spent there.

This morning in the Bangla class,he was reading a Feluda story.Yes he can read Bengali.Though he reads really slow but important fact is he can read Bengali :) .At the time of reading the story,he said he will imagine a story and next day he will write that in Bengali.I am very much excited to see what will he write.I know he will end up with a very few Bengali sentences.But I always be happy to see his improvement day by day and his interest in learning Bengali never decreases.

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