November 26, 2012

SEO for Bangla learning site

I think I need help in SEO for my website after Google changes it's algorithm .I mostly lost the traffic from Google search engine.And I am unable to fix it.So I am searching for a free lance who has knowledge on this things.I hope I will find someone affordable and dependable and who will be able to fix my Talkingbees Bangla and Hindi learning site.

November 19, 2012

My Bengali Student in New York,USA

I wrote about this student before.He has started learning Bengali when he was in the 6th standard.Now he is in 9th grade.When he has started learning Bengali he knew only a few words and now I an happy and proud to say that he can speak,read and write Bengali (Bangla) on his own. Isn't great!! And he also enjoys learning Bangla.

Bengali/Bangla Class in America
He is a very old student of mine.And during my New York visit I went to meet them in 2010.They were so nice to me and I enjoyed the couple of days I spent there.

This morning in the Bangla class,he was reading a Feluda story.Yes he can read Bengali.Though he reads really slow but important fact is he can read Bengali :) .At the time of reading the story,he said he will imagine a story and next day he will write that in Bengali.I am very much excited to see what will he write.I know he will end up with a very few Bengali sentences.But I always be happy to see his improvement day by day and his interest in learning Bengali never decreases.

November 12, 2012

Happy Diwali | Subh Dipavali

"Happy Diwali" to all.Wish this week will be special and bring lots of happiness for you.You would enjoy the week with your family and loved one.

This is a festival of lights.In Hindi we say "Subh Deepavali" ( शुभ दीपावली ).In Bengali we say "Shubho Deepaboli" (শুভ দীপাবলী ) .

Happy Diwali  - शुभ दीपावली - শুভ দীপাবলী

November 3, 2012

How to speak Bengali (or Bangla)?

I just made a video where you can learn "How to speak Bengali (Bangla)?" when you are doing shopping in the market.How will you ask to buy something,how will you say the price in Bengali,how will you bargain in Bengali etc.I hope you will definitely like it.Take a look to my free Bengali(or Bangla) learning video.

Learn "How to speak Bengali in market?"

Please feel free to ask me questions on this,you can leave your comments on my Talkingbees YouTube page also.And if you want to learn Bangla from an online Bengali/Bangla teacher then contact Talkingbees through our Contact us page.