June 22, 2012

Bengali Language Summer Camp for Kids | Online Bengali Lessons via Skype | USA,Canada, UK, London

Bengali Alphabet  | Learn Bengali Online | Bengali For Kids 
Here is a GOOD NEWS for all Bengali parents overseas!!

This summer you can teach your Kids Bengali from your USA,Canada,UK,London home.These three months will be enough for them to Learn the Basic Bengali.And then if you see that they are quite interested to learn Bengali then you can continue later through Individual Bengali Classes via Skype.

This year 4 kids from California are going to start their Bengali Summer course from June.If you are also searching for a summer course to engage your kids then just BOOK this Bengali Online Course  and allow your kids to Learn Bangla.Contact me for more details about this "Bengali Language Summer camp for Kids" .The Bengali Course Topics are written bellow.

Online Bengali Course : (For first Three Months)

     Topics :-
  1. How to Read Bengali Alphabet 
  2. How to Speak Bengali (Bengali pronunciation)
  3. Greetings in Bengali
  4. Bengali Pronouns 
  5. Bengali Verbs
  6. Bengali Present Tense 
  7. Bengali Basic Phrases
  8. How to see a clock
  9. Bengali Present continuous Tense 
  10. Bengali Numbers (1-20)
  11. Bengali Colors
  12. Bengali Future Tense
Course Time: Three Months 
Class Time   : 60 Mins
Course fee   : 300$ (25$/hour) 

BOOK this Bengali Online Course NOW!!