May 11, 2012

Sahaj Path(সহ্জ পাঠ)|Bengali Vowels(স্বরবর্ন)|Free Bengali Lessons|USA,Canada, UK, London

Learn Bengali Online
বাংলা স্বরবর্ন,সহ্জ পাঠ
I am making many Bengali learning videos for Bengali learners in USA, UK, London, Australia and Worldwide.You can watch those at my Bengali Podcast Channel or YouTube Talkingbees' Channel .

I hope my videos are helping many people to Learn Bangla Online for free. There are some videos where I taught "How to Read & Write Bengali" .You can learn Bengali Numbers and also others.

Last time I made 1-2 videos about "How to speak Bengali" where one of my viewers requested me to record a video,where I will show how to read bangla using Sahaj Path (সহ্জ পাঠ).So I made one video where you can learn to Read Bangla and bangla vowels.I hope you will enjoy it.

For more information on Learning Bengali Online contact Talkingbees.

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