February 17, 2012

Bengali in London | Learn Bengali language | Online Skype Lesson

Recently I have been getting few enquiries for Learning Bengali from England,mainly London. And most of them are either from a  Sylheti, Bangladeshi family or live in the neighborhood . I have a few students from New York who are also belongs to a Sylheti family.So I became curious and started searching in the google that how many Bangladeshis or Bengalis are in London or England and I got an interesting article in the wikipedia. It says there are 500,000 Bangladeshi people residing in United Kingdom.Wow! such a huge number.The name of the wiki page is "British Bangladeshi". And you know there is a place in London named "Banglatown".Isn't sound interesting?
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Can you imagine there are more than half million Bangladeshi people in London , may be total number of Bengali people will be more than that.Bengalis are everywhere.Let me know what do you think? Do you live in London, England ? How many Bengalis do you know? Are you Bengali living in UK, or USA ?