January 16, 2012

Learn Bengali in UK | Bengalipodcasts | Bengali Lessons for Kids| London

I have been using my website Talkingbees.com for a long time ,but just recently I was having some technical problems with it and so I am again late to make another post to my blog.As you know I am teaching Hindi and Bengali language online and offering Online Hindi ,Bengali Classes for more than last 5 years.I taught many students from USA,UK,(London) , Switzerland,Brazil etc.

Sometimes when I just sit alone I think about many funny incidents of my students.Just for example.Recently I have started Online Bengali classes with a student ,lives near Manchester ,who is very fond of my mother tongue Bengali and Bengali food.And there is a Bengali grocery near his house.He thought to try something new in there shop and bought a better melon and made a green salad.....Now you can think about his face when he ate it and if he likes it .I seldom try a better melon , even I try I fry it very well and then eat. ohhh so bitter and he ate it raw .Can you imagine? 

Anyways now Lets Learn Bengali through Online Bengalipodcasts at Talkingbees .Here is a video to Learn Bengali Pronoun.
Let me know if you are having any problem to understand this Bengali Pronoun Structures.And if you want to Learn Bengali Online with the help of a Native Bengali Tutor then Contact Talkingbees