August 4, 2011

Want to Learn Bengali? | Online Bengali Language Course | Learn Bengali Online for Kids | Learn Bengali in USA,Canada,UK,London

Do you want to learn Bengali??
These days I am getting more enquiries on Learning Bengali Online .Recently I got about 5 students ,all of whom are interested in Learning Bengali Language Online.I love to teach Bengali more than Hindi.Because it is more close to my heart and the sweet sound of the language.

Mohona,a 8 years old girl from California, started her Online Bengali Classes with me at The interesting thing is they are actually from Kolkata, my city and for work her parents went to California.But they still want their kids to learn their mother tongue, Bengali.And this is the reason they searched for a Bengali Online TutorThey searched for a Bengali script tutor who can teach the kid Bengali scripts and also Spoken Bengali .SO Mohona started her First Bengali Online Class with me at Talkingbees using Skype communication.Now in just 3 weeks she has learned Bengali numbers 1-30,how to watch a clock and say the time in Bengali ,Bengali names for days of a week and now she has stared learning Bengali Vowels.Good progress !! isn't that...

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Mohona is a cute girl, she loves Indian culture.She learn Rabindra sangeet(Tagore song) from her grand mother.She also learns Indian Dance even in California,USA.Her little 5 years old sister,Pammi is also so sweet.Everyday after Mohona ,she comes for 5 mins and try to say something in Bengali.But she could say only few words in Bengali.I am happy that both kids really want to Learn the Bengali Language,otherwise it would be so hard for me to teach those small kids.

Harsho,my old little student from New York ,has  returned to USA again after their India trip .He is going to start his Bengali Online Classes again.Now I can say he is at intermediate level.And will improve a lot in a few months.

I am so happy that I get the opportunity to Teach Bengali to these small kids and help them to be close to their own Culture ,when they are growing up in USA,Canada,Uk,London or some other place far from our country.

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