June 1, 2011

Hindi Skype Lessons | Hindi Language Test | Conversational Hindi Class

Today I got surprised to receive an email saying he wants to take a few "Hindi Skype Lessons" for the "Hindi Language Test".I just posted a success story of a Hindi Language Students few days before and I got this email in 2 or 3 days.

After the first student I taught I got 3 more students and I prepared them for the same Hindi Language Test.Each had different levels.Few were good at listening skills ,few good at Hindi grammar,few had a little Hindi speaking skills and few started from scratches.But all have tried so hard to reach a level 2 for the test.
Hindi Skype Lessons | Hindi  Skype Tutor | Hindi Language Test 
I am so happy to help my students in their Hindi language Test and to get their desired job.If I think about the time when they have just started "Learning Hindi",I can't imagine now as they have been improving more and more.The credit directly  goes to their effort.I can suggest what they need to do to improve their Hindi,but if they don't learn ,I would have nothing to do.But I must appreciate they learned consistently, increased their vocabulary,practice speaking,reading writing Hindi regularly.And regular Hindi Speaking Practice classes(Conversational Hindi Class)help them a lot.

So if you are also going to take "Hindi language Test" for Foreign service and need help please ask me.I will be glad to help you too with "Hindi Skype Lessons".

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