June 10, 2011

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Today I will tell you about my first Bengali student and the difficulties I face to teach him.I got my first Bengali student 3 years ago.He was a small boy of 4th grade at school.His parents contacted me through one online Language school and requested me to teach their kid Bengali Online via Skype.Because the boy named "Harsho" didn't want to learn Bengali from them, so they needed a "Bengali Online Tutor" . They are a Bengali family from New York who wanted their son, to learn Bengali and able to communicate with their relatives in Kolkata,West Bengal.

When I had started teaching Bengali to the kid-Harsho, he never wanted to Learn Bengali.So we had started with a half an hour class.And I know how difficult it was to keep that small boy for only 30 mins infront of the computer.I tried to talk a little, told stories,asked about his friends and gradually it helped to grow his interest towards Learning Bengali .
Bengali Tutor Online | Learn Bengali Online | Bengali Tutorial | USA ,Canada, UK, London
ঘরে বসে বাংলা শেখো  |  বাংলায়  কথা বলো  | বাংলা লেখো 
And now he can Speak Bengali  | Write Bengali  | Read Bengali  . I can not say he is now perfect in Bengali speaking , reading or writing ,but he seldom did his Bengali homework and didn't put a lot effort to Learn Bengali and in respect to that his improvement is awesome !! And his parents are also happy to see Harsho is now able to speak,read and write Bengali. I am also so pleased .

You know still now, if I ask him to write ,he says "I lost my Bengali copy" :) .Because still Harsho is not so big ,just in 7th grade at school.So I think it's considerable !!! What you say?

So if you want to Learn Bengali Online,searching for Bengali Classes in USA or UK(London) just contact Talkingbees.com .Even if you are an Indian and wants to Learn Bengali- you can learn with a special price .Contact Me for more information.

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