June 23, 2011

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Yesterday I got a new Bengali student from New York,USA.Her Bengali language level is quite advance.We have just started our Bengali Online Class on last Tuesday.Actually her Bengali Language skill is quite good.She is able to understand most of my Bengali sentences and she can also explain different things in Bengali.Actually her parents are from Bangladesh and they use "Sylheti" Language at Home,this is a dialect in Bangladesh.My parents are also from Bangladesh.My father's family was from "Comilla" and my mother's family lived at "Jessore" .But I was born here at Kolkata,in India.

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My student contacted me in this last weekend and said "I am from the U.S., and reside in New York City. I am interested in taking Bengali lessons. I am of Bangladeshi descent, and have studied Bangla at the American Institute of Bangladeshi Studies in Bangladesh and with the American Institute of Indian Studies in Kolkata. I am an advanced level student, and particularly need help with reading, writing, and maintaining proper grammar while speaking. I am interested in learning Bangla for both personal and professional reasons - I would like to acquire fluency in my parents native language."

And when I taught her, I came to know that US government is sponsoring her Bengali Course.Because USA has started this new attempt.America thinks it's good for Americans to know the most spoken languages(e.g Bengali) in the world.And it might help the Americans in their Professional field where they might need to interact with different communities ,Bengali too!! Is not interesting!!

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