May 16, 2011

Learning Bengali Online for your Husband | Useful Bengali Phrases

Are you Learning Bengali for your Husband or boyfriend?
I got 3 students ,who were " Learning Bengali " for their husbands or would be husband.But it's funny I never got a male student who is " Learning Bengali " for his wife or girl friend.Is that mean a man don't try to learn his wife's language? only woman want to know her husband or in-laws family more.But I don't want to fall into these debate. But if you found any HUSBAND is LEARNING BENGALI for his WIFE let me know.
But anyways Bengali is a such a sweet language like a Bengali "Rosogolla"- a Bengali sweet. Have you tasted it? if not you must go for it.Even I have heard people say "Bengali the sweetest language of India".
Ok see it yourself if you find it sweet.I am going to teach you "FEW BENGALI PHRASES" for those wifes who are trying to LEARN BENGALI for their husbands.

1)How are you?
Tumi kemon achho?

2)What will you eat today?
Aaj tumi ki khabe?

3)Let's go out today.
Chalo aaj baere jai.

4)I am so happy today.
Aaj ami khub khushi.

5)I love you.
Ami tomake valobashi.

6)You are very good.
Tumi khub valo.

7)Very good.
Khub valo.

8) Not good.  Or Bad
Valo na.    Or Kharap/baje

9) I will go to do shopping.
Ami bazar korte jabo.

10)I am coming.
Ami aschi.

So here are your "10 Bengali Sentences" .If you need to learn More sentences ask me .If you need to Learn Bengali for your Husband or your wife (for a change) contact for Learning Bengali Online.
And I believe with the help of these Online Bengali classes you will be able to communicate with your partner soon,may be with in a few month.


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