April 12, 2011

Hindi Grammar -Hindi verb modification.

For last few weeks I was not really getting time to write my blog.But today I thought to explain you how you need to modify a verb while making a Hindi sentence.

Let's take a verb "Go" or "Eat" .
To go=Jana (these are long "a"s)
To eat= Khana (also long "a"s)

for example :
I eat food = Mai^ khana khati (F) hoo^ .

Hindi Present tense: (Present imperfective tense)

Basic structure of a Hindi sentence is as following
Subject   +    Any modifier   + Object  +  Verb[ verb root + verb ending (ta/te/ti)]  + Axillary  verb
Mai^(I)                                 Khana (food)               khati (eat)                                  hoo^

ta = for masculine singular [with he,she or Ram(a name)]
te = for masculine respectable form/ plural [with you (aap,tum,) and we,they...]
ti = for feminine singular and plural

Then what would it be?
I go to school. =  Mai^ school jati(F) hoo^.
I read book = Mai kitaab  paRti hoo^.

Translate in Hindi
(search the verbs meaning with Google translator and SOLVE THEM)

I write song.
I drink water.
I eat bread.
I give pen.
I read newspaper.

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April 5, 2011

"Good morning" in Hindi

"Good morning" in Hindi by talkingbees Hello=Namaste Good morning in Hindi is "Suprabhaat" Learn these two words and repeat with me. Hope we will be learning many words in future. http://talkingbees.blogspot.com/

April 2, 2011

How to Say in Hindi "I know"

How to Say in Hindi "I know" by talkingbees

So in Hindi "I know " is Mei^ janti(f) hoon
We will be learning more Hindi words every day.
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