March 4, 2011

Reasons for Learning Hindi

If you are thinking to learn a new language then why not give it a try.Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in the world.There are many Indians through out the world may be few are your friends.There are a lot more reasons for learning Hindi .Just ask me.I listed the cause people showed then they came to learn Hindi from me.

Check it " Reasons for Learning Hindi"

  1. You like to travel a lot and India is so beautiful .Its nature variation ,different geographical places.
  2. People like our culture and our warm welcome for visitors.
  3. People easily make friends here and keep coming often to meet their friends and gradually they like our country a lot.
  4. People who have Indian friends in their country,they want to communicate with friends in Hindi
  5. People who like Indian foods,Indian movies- Bollywood ,Hindi songs become interested in learning Hindi in order to understand it more
  6. If some one fall in love with a guy or a girl or already married to an Indian ,then they want to understand their partner and they start learning Hindi.
  7. Few want to start learning Hindi as they are interested in Hinduism or for other religious purposes.
  8. Few want to learn Hindi to  get a job in American Consulate as a Foreign Service Officer (FSO) and they might get a good rank if they pass a language test,such as Hindi language test.So its also important for their career.

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