February 28, 2011

Learning Bengali and Pronunciation ( Part II )

When you are speaking Bengali with a native of Bengal, then the pronunciation and phonetics makes a difference in the words.  There are several different words that sound the same to the Western ear.

However, the phonetics of  Bengali language creates different meanings to the words.  While you are learning the Bengali language, you will want to focus first on the capacity of pronouncing the Bengali vowels and different versions of the consonants to get the right sound.

Once you begin learning Bengali and speaking with specific words, you will notice that the language begins to sound like music.  Tuning your ears to the phonetic pronunciations and making sure that this fits with the right words and terms makes a difference on the sentences that you are using.  

For example: When I started teaching a student Bengali Consonants Ka,Kha,Ga,Gha..... She told all sounds same to her. :) So if you want to "Learn Bengali " with the help of a tutor then contact Talkingbees .I hope you to learn more.

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