December 17, 2011

Learn Hindi in UK | Hindi Online Lessons | Learning Hindi by Skype

It's been two months that I have not written anything to this blog .I am sorry for that.Actually I went to USA for some work and traveled a lot.I got no time to write some to this blog.But here it is....

Recently I started teaching Hindi to Konrad from UK.He is a funny guy and interested in Learning Hindi as his wife is from India .He is coming India to meet his in-laws family and has plan to surprise them with his Hindi.I am happy that I am helping him with this :) . We have just started and only had a few Online Hindi Classes.He is gradually improving, and the following is what he thinks and wrote to me-----
     "Due to visit India in a month my task was: can I learn enough Hindi so as to at least pleasantly surprise people that this guy can speak Hindi?  And if not, will I at least make enough sense so people might laugh and correct me out of pity?  I had last been taught languages 20 years ago, and that was German, so I had no idea what it was going to be like, learning Hindi, later in life.  Well, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.
     Four or five Hindi lessons in and I’ve achieved my goal, or at least if I keep practicing I will.I was very surprised by being able to progress (what seems to me) quite far.  Susmita is very patient and accommodates my combination of eccentricity, poor planning and lack of concentration with grace, despite it not being a good way to approach learning.  
Hindi Online Lessons over skype  | Want to Learn Hindi   | Learn Hindi in UK,London  

 Slowly but surely each grammatical dimension is opened up in front of me, and my ability to express, i.e. the extent to which I can move through all those dimensions, is increased as I get given words to attribute, to describe, and to relate.  Each Hindi lesson builds upon the previous one, and light bulbs go off as I see how to use the new words and structures - “that is what they meant!”, “oh, that’s why people say that!”. When I started I realised I knew nothing about grammar at all, I barely knew what a verb was.I’m personally finding it quite interesting learning about grammar through the medium of learning Hindi too, something I hadn’t foreseen happening.
     It’s good fun and I’m finding it very interesting.I can thoroughly recommend "Learning Hindi with Susmita".  I started with nothing, and now I have the tools in front of me to say quite a lot.Now I just need to keep practicing with the tools and I’ll be able to use them to communicate on a basic level to 400 million more people.It would be rather wonderful to take it further so we’ll see where this journey goes."

So if you want to learn Hindi Because you are traveling to India or you have someone to surprise with your Hindi Contact  and write your reason to Learn Hindi and start your Online Hindi Lessons Over skype.

October 26, 2011

Online Harmonium Lessons | Learn Bengali-Hindi-Music Online | Music Vocal training | Learn Bengali-Hindi songs | Voice training with Harmonium

Now you can also Learn Music Online.You can get a voice training,open up your voice and increase your range with Harmonium training.You can also learn Bengali songs , Hindi songs, Hindi Bollywood songs.You will also learn to use an Harmonium.You can also attend your class if you have a keyboard.Detailed instructions will be sent through email after each lesson.Online Music Classes will be 60 minits long.Contact your Online music tutor to schedule your first Online Music Class.For more information visit

To start your Online Music  Class from USA,UK,Canada(worldwide) ,you need to contact your Online Music teacher through the contact us page.If you want to learn Hindi-Bengali songs then you need to give your teacher a list of songs what you are interested in learning.If you don't have a choice then your teacher will decide according to your level.You and your teacher both will be using a webcam so that both can see each other during the Music Class.Your teacher will show you 'how to play harmonium'.In the Music class you need to write the lessons, your teacher will give you.Also   you must do your home work.For the kids ,their parents are responsible for their activities.

Harmonium  | Online Music Lessons |  Voice training  |  Voice-Vocal  Lessons
 |  Learn Hindi songs   |  Learn Bengali Songs  |

Following are a couples of feedback I get from my students:-

"I have been taking Indian music lesson from Susmita for more than six months.She is very patient and flexible with her class.She is an excellent online teacher. "  - Santa from California

"My 2 kids have been taking Indian music lessons from Susmita for over 6 months. Susmita is friendly with the kids and flexible with her lessons. The kids have made significant progress and she gets thumbs up from me." Jimmy from Texas

Learn Hindi,Bengali Language & Learn Music Online

August 4, 2011

Want to Learn Bengali? | Online Bengali Language Course | Learn Bengali Online for Kids | Learn Bengali in USA,Canada,UK,London

Do you want to learn Bengali??
These days I am getting more enquiries on Learning Bengali Online .Recently I got about 5 students ,all of whom are interested in Learning Bengali Language Online.I love to teach Bengali more than Hindi.Because it is more close to my heart and the sweet sound of the language.

Mohona,a 8 years old girl from California, started her Online Bengali Classes with me at The interesting thing is they are actually from Kolkata, my city and for work her parents went to California.But they still want their kids to learn their mother tongue, Bengali.And this is the reason they searched for a Bengali Online TutorThey searched for a Bengali script tutor who can teach the kid Bengali scripts and also Spoken Bengali .SO Mohona started her First Bengali Online Class with me at Talkingbees using Skype communication.Now in just 3 weeks she has learned Bengali numbers 1-30,how to watch a clock and say the time in Bengali ,Bengali names for days of a week and now she has stared learning Bengali Vowels.Good progress !! isn't that...

Learn Bengali Online | Bengali Tutorial in USA |  Bengali Classes in UK (London) |
Bangla Online Language Teacher |  Bengali Language Tutor
Mohona is a cute girl, she loves Indian culture.She learn Rabindra sangeet(Tagore song) from her grand mother.She also learns Indian Dance even in California,USA.Her little 5 years old sister,Pammi is also so sweet.Everyday after Mohona ,she comes for 5 mins and try to say something in Bengali.But she could say only few words in Bengali.I am happy that both kids really want to Learn the Bengali Language,otherwise it would be so hard for me to teach those small kids.

Harsho,my old little student from New York ,has  returned to USA again after their India trip .He is going to start his Bengali Online Classes again.Now I can say he is at intermediate level.And will improve a lot in a few months.

I am so happy that I get the opportunity to Teach Bengali to these small kids and help them to be close to their own Culture ,when they are growing up in USA,Canada,Uk,London or some other place far from our country.

July 3, 2011

FS Student | Hindi Language Phone Test | Skype Hindi Tutor | Washington DC (USA) Hindi Classes | Hindi speaking Lessons

FS Student !! I got a new FS Hindi Language Student last week .With these 4-5 FS Hindi language Students ,I am gradually getting an idea of the format of the exam.At least about the Hindi Language Phone Test.And I really enjoy teaching these Hindi students.My FS Language Students are from Washington DC,Florida,New York(NYC) mainly in the east coat.

My language classes are simple,friendly and organized.And you will improvement your Hindi Language skills for sure.And these Hindi Speaking Lessons will boost your speaking skills.

FS Hindi Language Test | Skype Hindi Tutor | Hindi Classes in USA
Washington DC (USA) Hindi Classes |
Hindi speaking Lessons
See feed back from my students

My Student Sri says---
     Very good hindi teacher. I've been taking classes for a few months to refresh/improve my Hindi and have already seen substantial improvement. Susmita-ji's teaching style can accommodate both beginners and more advanced Hindi speakers. Great resource! 

And Ajay says
    Susmita has been helping me for 6 months now to learn Hindi, and I have gone from barely being able to introduce myself to being able to talk about the news, customs, and everyday activities. She is always flexible with her schedule and willing to work with you to help you achieve whatever goals you want to accomplish in learning Hindi and Bengali. She is a dedicated, challenging teacher, and, if you take Hindi online lessons from her, your Hindi is guaranteed to improve

Thanks to their comments.I will be happy to help you to improve your Hindi language,Hindi speaking skills.Please contact for more information.

June 23, 2011

Bengali Language | USA Sponsoring Language Studies | Online Bengali Course

Yesterday I got a new Bengali student from New York,USA.Her Bengali language level is quite advance.We have just started our Bengali Online Class on last Tuesday.Actually her Bengali Language skill is quite good.She is able to understand most of my Bengali sentences and she can also explain different things in Bengali.Actually her parents are from Bangladesh and they use "Sylheti" Language at Home,this is a dialect in Bangladesh.My parents are also from Bangladesh.My father's family was from "Comilla" and my mother's family lived at "Jessore" .But I was born here at Kolkata,in India.

Bengali Language | Online Bengali Course | Bengali Skype Lessons
|  Bengali Online Tutor  | Learn Bengali @ | 

My student contacted me in this last weekend and said "I am from the U.S., and reside in New York City. I am interested in taking Bengali lessons. I am of Bangladeshi descent, and have studied Bangla at the American Institute of Bangladeshi Studies in Bangladesh and with the American Institute of Indian Studies in Kolkata. I am an advanced level student, and particularly need help with reading, writing, and maintaining proper grammar while speaking. I am interested in learning Bangla for both personal and professional reasons - I would like to acquire fluency in my parents native language."

And when I taught her, I came to know that US government is sponsoring her Bengali Course.Because USA has started this new attempt.America thinks it's good for Americans to know the most spoken languages(e.g Bengali) in the world.And it might help the Americans in their Professional field where they might need to interact with different communities ,Bengali too!! Is not interesting!!

If you are looking for a Bengali Tutor at Skype , Email

June 10, 2011

Bengali Tutor Online | Bengali Tutorial | USA,Canada,UK,London | Learn Bengali Online | For Kids, Adults

Today I will tell you about my first Bengali student and the difficulties I face to teach him.I got my first Bengali student 3 years ago.He was a small boy of 4th grade at school.His parents contacted me through one online Language school and requested me to teach their kid Bengali Online via Skype.Because the boy named "Harsho" didn't want to learn Bengali from them, so they needed a "Bengali Online Tutor" . They are a Bengali family from New York who wanted their son, to learn Bengali and able to communicate with their relatives in Kolkata,West Bengal.

When I had started teaching Bengali to the kid-Harsho, he never wanted to Learn Bengali.So we had started with a half an hour class.And I know how difficult it was to keep that small boy for only 30 mins infront of the computer.I tried to talk a little, told stories,asked about his friends and gradually it helped to grow his interest towards Learning Bengali .
Bengali Tutor Online | Learn Bengali Online | Bengali Tutorial | USA ,Canada, UK, London
ঘরে বসে বাংলা শেখো  |  বাংলায়  কথা বলো  | বাংলা লেখো 
And now he can Speak Bengali  | Write Bengali  | Read Bengali  . I can not say he is now perfect in Bengali speaking , reading or writing ,but he seldom did his Bengali homework and didn't put a lot effort to Learn Bengali and in respect to that his improvement is awesome !! And his parents are also happy to see Harsho is now able to speak,read and write Bengali. I am also so pleased .

You know still now, if I ask him to write ,he says "I lost my Bengali copy" :) .Because still Harsho is not so big ,just in 7th grade at school.So I think it's considerable !!! What you say?

So if you want to Learn Bengali Online,searching for Bengali Classes in USA or UK(London) just contact .Even if you are an Indian and wants to Learn Bengali- you can learn with a special price .Contact Me for more information.

June 1, 2011

Hindi Skype Lessons | Hindi Language Test | Conversational Hindi Class

Today I got surprised to receive an email saying he wants to take a few "Hindi Skype Lessons" for the "Hindi Language Test".I just posted a success story of a Hindi Language Students few days before and I got this email in 2 or 3 days.

After the first student I taught I got 3 more students and I prepared them for the same Hindi Language Test.Each had different levels.Few were good at listening skills ,few good at Hindi grammar,few had a little Hindi speaking skills and few started from scratches.But all have tried so hard to reach a level 2 for the test.
Hindi Skype Lessons | Hindi  Skype Tutor | Hindi Language Test 
I am so happy to help my students in their Hindi language Test and to get their desired job.If I think about the time when they have just started "Learning Hindi",I can't imagine now as they have been improving more and more.The credit directly  goes to their effort.I can suggest what they need to do to improve their Hindi,but if they don't learn ,I would have nothing to do.But I must appreciate they learned consistently, increased their vocabulary,practice speaking,reading writing Hindi regularly.And regular Hindi Speaking Practice classes(Conversational Hindi Class)help them a lot.

So if you are also going to take "Hindi language Test" for Foreign service and need help please ask me.I will be glad to help you too with "Hindi Skype Lessons".

May 26, 2011

Learn Hindi via Skype for Foreign Language test | Hindi Conversation Practice

Today I am going to share my experience of teaching Hindi to a student named Ajay. He had started Learning Hindi Online via Skype in the beginning of 2010 and he continued learning the Hindi language until the end of that year.

He was learning to get a job as a FSO officer and for the same he needs to pass the HINDI language TEST and also needed to get a good score.

He had started from scratches and in about less than a year ,he was able to speak Hindi very well.
I was so happy with his progress.He was very consistent with his classes, always did his homework.And wanted to do more and more  Hindi Conversation Practice. After taking a year long classes he took the Hindi language test, and it went good and then he came to visit India and communicated with Indians in HINDI.He also visited our place with his beautiful wife.We had a fun time .Now he already got the job we wanted for the long time .

This is a real success story for my student ,who was Learning Hindi Online via skype.This is also a real success of my teaching. I am so glad for him and hope this inspires you all who are trying to learn Hindi.

So if you need a Hindi Skype Tutor , contact Talkingbees at skype,facebook,linkedin,twitter....

May 18, 2011

Learning Bengali Online Podcast -10 Bengali sentences

Here you can learn 10 Bengali sentences.They are very common phrases in Bengali.Speak then with me.I have repeated those many times.If you have any question ,you ask ask me here , write in the comment box.

And if you need to "LEARN BENGALI " Online with a Native Bengali tutor.Contact Talkingbees

Are you Learning Bengali for your Husband or boyfriend? by talkingbees

May 16, 2011

Learning Bengali Online for your Husband | Useful Bengali Phrases

Are you Learning Bengali for your Husband or boyfriend?
I got 3 students ,who were " Learning Bengali " for their husbands or would be husband.But it's funny I never got a male student who is " Learning Bengali " for his wife or girl friend.Is that mean a man don't try to learn his wife's language? only woman want to know her husband or in-laws family more.But I don't want to fall into these debate. But if you found any HUSBAND is LEARNING BENGALI for his WIFE let me know.
But anyways Bengali is a such a sweet language like a Bengali "Rosogolla"- a Bengali sweet. Have you tasted it? if not you must go for it.Even I have heard people say "Bengali the sweetest language of India".
Ok see it yourself if you find it sweet.I am going to teach you "FEW BENGALI PHRASES" for those wifes who are trying to LEARN BENGALI for their husbands.

1)How are you?
Tumi kemon achho?

2)What will you eat today?
Aaj tumi ki khabe?

3)Let's go out today.
Chalo aaj baere jai.

4)I am so happy today.
Aaj ami khub khushi.

5)I love you.
Ami tomake valobashi.

6)You are very good.
Tumi khub valo.

7)Very good.
Khub valo.

8) Not good.  Or Bad
Valo na.    Or Kharap/baje

9) I will go to do shopping.
Ami bazar korte jabo.

10)I am coming.
Ami aschi.

So here are your "10 Bengali Sentences" .If you need to learn More sentences ask me .If you need to Learn Bengali for your Husband or your wife (for a change) contact for Learning Bengali Online.
And I believe with the help of these Online Bengali classes you will be able to communicate with your partner soon,may be with in a few month.

April 12, 2011

Hindi Grammar -Hindi verb modification.

For last few weeks I was not really getting time to write my blog.But today I thought to explain you how you need to modify a verb while making a Hindi sentence.

Let's take a verb "Go" or "Eat" .
To go=Jana (these are long "a"s)
To eat= Khana (also long "a"s)

for example :
I eat food = Mai^ khana khati (F) hoo^ .

Hindi Present tense: (Present imperfective tense)

Basic structure of a Hindi sentence is as following
Subject   +    Any modifier   + Object  +  Verb[ verb root + verb ending (ta/te/ti)]  + Axillary  verb
Mai^(I)                                 Khana (food)               khati (eat)                                  hoo^

ta = for masculine singular [with he,she or Ram(a name)]
te = for masculine respectable form/ plural [with you (aap,tum,) and we,they...]
ti = for feminine singular and plural

Then what would it be?
I go to school. =  Mai^ school jati(F) hoo^.
I read book = Mai kitaab  paRti hoo^.

Translate in Hindi
(search the verbs meaning with Google translator and SOLVE THEM)

I write song.
I drink water.
I eat bread.
I give pen.
I read newspaper.

If you need help in learning Hindi or understanding Hindi grammar,Hindi sentence structure, Talkingbees is there to help you.Hindi classes via Skype are available in USA,Canada,Uk(London) .....through out the world.

April 5, 2011

"Good morning" in Hindi

"Good morning" in Hindi by talkingbees Hello=Namaste Good morning in Hindi is "Suprabhaat" Learn these two words and repeat with me. Hope we will be learning many words in future.

April 2, 2011

How to Say in Hindi "I know"

How to Say in Hindi "I know" by talkingbees

So in Hindi "I know " is Mei^ janti(f) hoon
We will be learning more Hindi words every day.
Get more Hindi learning podcasts
Contact me to Learn Hindi Online

March 27, 2011

Top 10 tips to learn a New Language(such as Hindi,Bengali)

1)Study the language every day

Study the new language (Hindi or Bengali)for 30 minutes every day morning. Try to fit it in your daily routine.

2)Review/revise the language regularly
Go over old lessons several times .Always take notes when you are learning .It helps you to understand the language better. Don’t start a new chapter if you are not confident about the old lesson.

3)Build on solid foundations

Make sure you're comfortable with the fundamentals of the language. The basic grammar rules, tenses etc.It might take a while to get used to the pronunciation and orthography of a new language.But don’t worry, it’s very normal and with everyday practise it’s not hard to learn these things.
4)Set a target

Give yourself a certain time to reach a level, suppose 2-3 months to start basic conversation. Next 2 months to learn the script etc…Setting reasonable targets is good to motivate yourself. And by this you will reach a certain level of proficiency soon.
5)Focus on your interests

When you start basic conversation in a language try to talk about what you are interested in. Learn new words on the topic and try start a discussion on the topic and participate.Don’t hesitate.

6)Don't be discouraged by lack of progress

Learning a new language always takes time.And that varies person to person.Just be regular and don’t think about the progress .After 2-3 months just compare what you have learn than the time you have just started it.

7)Don't worry about making mistakes

Don’t worry about it.But try to speak the language aloud.
8)Have fun

Learn the language in a funny way.Don’t be so serious or try to learn so fast.Because this way you will lose interest to learn the language.

9)Find Conversation partner/ Group studies
Try to find persons also learning the same language.Attend meet ups to meet new learners and learn in a funway.

10)Evaluation after one or two months
Ask your teacher or a native language speaker to test your language level.It helps to grow your confidence.


Interested to learn Hindi or BengaliContact

March 23, 2011

Learn Bengali Numbers 1-10

Learn Bengali numbers with talkingbees.Here I will first tell you the English numbers then Bengali numbers from 1-10 .Then I will say only Bengali numbers one after one ,and I want you to repeat after me.

  Bengali numbers 1-10 by talkingbees

March 4, 2011

Reasons for Learning Hindi

If you are thinking to learn a new language then why not give it a try.Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in the world.There are many Indians through out the world may be few are your friends.There are a lot more reasons for learning Hindi .Just ask me.I listed the cause people showed then they came to learn Hindi from me.

Check it " Reasons for Learning Hindi"

  1. You like to travel a lot and India is so beautiful .Its nature variation ,different geographical places.
  2. People like our culture and our warm welcome for visitors.
  3. People easily make friends here and keep coming often to meet their friends and gradually they like our country a lot.
  4. People who have Indian friends in their country,they want to communicate with friends in Hindi
  5. People who like Indian foods,Indian movies- Bollywood ,Hindi songs become interested in learning Hindi in order to understand it more
  6. If some one fall in love with a guy or a girl or already married to an Indian ,then they want to understand their partner and they start learning Hindi.
  7. Few want to start learning Hindi as they are interested in Hinduism or for other religious purposes.
  8. Few want to learn Hindi to  get a job in American Consulate as a Foreign Service Officer (FSO) and they might get a good rank if they pass a language test,such as Hindi language test.So its also important for their career.

February 28, 2011

Learning Bengali and Pronunciation ( Part II )

When you are speaking Bengali with a native of Bengal, then the pronunciation and phonetics makes a difference in the words.  There are several different words that sound the same to the Western ear.

However, the phonetics of  Bengali language creates different meanings to the words.  While you are learning the Bengali language, you will want to focus first on the capacity of pronouncing the Bengali vowels and different versions of the consonants to get the right sound.

Once you begin learning Bengali and speaking with specific words, you will notice that the language begins to sound like music.  Tuning your ears to the phonetic pronunciations and making sure that this fits with the right words and terms makes a difference on the sentences that you are using.  

For example: When I started teaching a student Bengali Consonants Ka,Kha,Ga,Gha..... She told all sounds same to her. :) So if you want to "Learn Bengali " with the help of a tutor then contact Talkingbees .I hope you to learn more.

February 26, 2011

Learning Bengali and Pronunciation ( Part I)

If you are thinking about learning a new language, then you can enter into the world of Bengali."Bengali is an eastern Indo-Aryan language. It is native to the region of eastern South Asia known as Bengal, which comprises present day Bangladesh, the Indian state of West Bengal, and parts of the Indian states of Tripura and Assam."

This is one of the popular languages of northern India in West Bengal, as well as the popular cosmopolitan of Kolkata ,where I live.Learning Bengali is one that can help you as an introduction to Eastern languages while allowing you to enjoy becoming fluent with the language from a different perspective.  

When you begin learning Bengali, you will want to be aware of the pronunciation differences in the alphabet.  This is the first step to learning Bengali.  This differs from English because of the phonetics that is used in the language.  In English, all 26 letters are defined by the writing with specific divisions in pronunciation.  However, learning Bengali will differ because of the pronunciations of the vowels and consonants.  Being aware of added in “h” after a consonant as well as the formation of a variety of vowels is the first step to understanding the language.

February 24, 2011

Learning Hindi-Experience of learning a New language..

I have come across many people who have started learning a new language with me. Most of them had experience learning a new language before, but the experience of learning Hindi was different for them. I would not say learning Hindi is very difficult, but it will take some time for a person to understand the sentence structure. Because it's completely different from English. And if your Native language is English, then you have to practice how to twist your tongue within your mouth. Sometimes it's so funny. You should have a good ear to catch the new sound and copy the same.

I got few Hindi students who started learning it on their own, but after some time they just got stuck and couldn't improve.Yes, learning Hindi is not hard, but you have to give it some time. You have to be disciplined in your study, take time to understand the Hindi sentence structure and Hindi grammar, and most important you have to practice what you have learned with a person who can always correct you. You don't necessarily need a Hindi Tutor to start learning Hindi, but if you want to improve after learning basic Hindi words or after starting basic Hindi conversation ,you definitely need a Hindi teacher who would always be there to correct your mistakes and explain the difficult grammar rules to you.

February 23, 2011

Difference between Bengali and Bangla? What is Bengali and what is Bangla?

Difference between "Bengali" and "Bangla"
Today one of my students asked me a question : 
What is the difference between "Bengali" and "Bangla"?
My answer - the difference is same as the difference between "Spanish" and "Español" .One is English and the other one is in the native language.
Bengali is the English word and Bangla is the Bengali word. 
So we say "Bangla" for the English word "Bengali" and "Bangla bhasha" for the English Phrase "Bengali Language"So in short "Bangla" is Bengali for the English word "Bengali". Hope there is no confusion now. :)
And now you can Learn Bengali Online from your USA,Canada,UK home via Skype.Contact Talkingbees  to Learn Bengali